Good Replica

Just discovered this post on Pinterest and thought I would share. I'm sorry I haven't completed my pattern but here is a good completed pattern. It's not exactly like mine but she has organized it well and it's really a great example.



I'm posting some samples of some unfinished animals just so you can see what the shape looks like. One image shows two finished bodies, one brushed and one not. Also, the pink body is done with a #4 yarn and the grey is #2. The larger weight yarn makes a larger stitch. The other photo is a body I am currently working on. The yarn is #4 / 3.25 hook. Notice the size of stitch and the shape in progress (working on sc around for my head length). Since you are working in the round and adding stitches evenly it should turn out as a ball. After you've increased all at the top (determines the width of head) and you start single crocheting (sc) around you can determine the length of the head by how many rows you sc around. For example: 5 rows of sc will give you a shorter head than if you sc 10 rows. 10 rows would give you a longer face. Hopes this helps and makes some since.

Sorry for the low quality photos. My camera charger is not working so I used my phone camera!


Tall Bunny Ears

Thank you for all your great comments. So sweet! I thought I would quickly share the tall bunny ears. I'll try and post some pictures shortly.

Use the same hook and yarn as you did with the body.
1. SC 6 in a magic ring
2. SC around
3. 2 SC in each stitch (12 total stitches)
4. SC around
5. Increase every 2 (18 total stitches)
6. SC around until you get your desired length.

NOTE: My tall bunny ears are about 4-5 inches depending on the body (body is about 3-3.5" tall / 2-2.5" wide) and how long I am wanting that bunnies ears to be.

When you get your desired length I do one of two things.
1. Flatten the ear and SC around the entire edge of the ear to give a clean border. Then cut fabric to fit and stitch on.
2. Simply cut fabric to fit and sew on.

Then fold the bottom in half and sew on the stuffed head.



As Promised (Head and Body pattern)

Above is a scan out of my pattern notebook. This is where I have many patterns, some fail, some great. I will try and share with you my head and body pattern today (more parts to come). I combine my head and body in one shape for simplicity and for security.

weight 4 yarn
2.5 crochet hook (its tight but that is what I like)
stuffing: cluster fill

st = stitch
sc = single crochet

Head and Body
st 6 sc in magic ring
(used in bunny)
1. 2 sc each stitch (total of 12 stitches)
2. Increase every 1 stitch (total of 18 stitches)
3. Increase every 2 (total of 24 st)
4. Increase every 3
5. Increase every 4
6. Sc around
7. Increase every 5
8. Sc around
9. Increase every 6
10. Sc around 1-8 (if wanting bird body see below)
11. Decrease every 6
12. Sc around
13. Decrease every 3
14. Decrease every 2 (this is when I stuff the head)
15. Decrease every 1
16. 2 sc each stitch
17. Increase every 3
18. Sc around 1-3
19. Decrease every 3
20. Decrease every 2 (this is when I stuff the body)
21. Decrease every 1 until closed.

(used for birds)
10. Sc around 1-6
11. Decrease every 6
12. Sc around
13. Decrease every 3
14. Decrease every 2
15. 2 sc ea stitch
16. Increase every 3
17. Sc around 1-3
18. Decrease every 3
19. Decrease every 2
20. Decrease every 1 until closed.

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments. I hope this is of some help in making your own creations. Please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern. Like I said before, I have never written a pattern for others to understand and like you can see in the scan I kind of have my own language in crochet patterns. The only thing I ask is that you do not use this as your own. I have spent many hours in trial and error to come up with this pattern. Thanks!


Tools I use.

I have had some requests to purchase a pattern of my crochet animals. I don't feel comfortable selling my animal patterns because I don't know how to write a crochet pattern, for anyone but myself to understand. So, I'm going to go step by step and explain my process so hopefully it might help anyone who is interested in making their own get started.

The first step is to share my tools. These are the tools I use on my animal bodies and body parts. Here it goes.

Yarn Weight: 1-4, most animal bodies I use 4
Yarn Material: always natural fibers usually 100% wool
Yarn Supply: Knit Picks and/or local yarn shop in the sale bins
Crochet Hooks: 2.25-4.0
Stitch Clip: I always work in the round so I use the stitch marker (I'm not sure of the official name) to keep track of my first stitch.

NOTE: I always work in the round. My bodies, ears, legs, feet, everything is done in the round. I won't try to explain how to get started in the round but there are many great resources online to teach you, that's what I did. Oh, and I always use single crochet. The only time I use different stitches is when I'm making my accessories like hats or flowers.

Next post I'm going to give my body pattern. I will share my "chicken scratches" and try to explain it the best I can. Feel free to comment or ask questions, I'll try to help!


New "Rose" bunny

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments and for being so kind to wait until I got new stuff posted. I am so sorry it's been so long.

This is my new creation. I think she turned out well. She only sits about 4" but look at that booty. My favorite part would have to be the huge pink flower. I used two kinds of yarn, a furry, thin, lace, wool yarn in the center and an alpaca on the outer parts. Hope you enjoy.


Christmas Bird

I am so excited to show you what I'm going to be doing with these. More to come!!!!!!